elipsis 8 crashing and rebooting

Every time I attempt to access the internet through Google Chrome my tablet crashes and reboots.

I have tried to trouble shoot the problem and can't get it to operate long enough to complete the proceedure.

I have preformed a soft resstart several times and did a reset and the problem still persist. HELP !!!!

I use this tablet mostly for navigation when traveling. I have lots of storage space remaining.

Re: elipsis 8 crashing and rebooting
Customer Service Rep

We are here to get to the bottom of this so you can have a crash free experience. Have you tried a different browser to see if it is still crashes when  you try to use the Ellipsis 8?

When it crashes, is the screen responsive? How about the buttons?

You have already done quite a bit to resolve this so we won't give up now.

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