ellipsis 10 not worth being owned

I made a big mistake when I thought I was getting a real bargain on a tablet.

I should have know when i couldn't download anything and now after charging the tablet and hoping it would work like my Samsung Galaxy Tablet  I was sadly mistaken. The tablet will not hold a charge.   I went to the community for help and got none. I really hate to attempt to contact you (Verizon) since  I never seem to have the right number and the only way you want to be contacted is by text, which I hate.

Re: ellipsis 10 not worth being owned
Customer Service Rep

confab-touted, having a working tablet is very important. I love using my tablet especially for certain applications. We never want you having to feel like it was a mistake owning it. How long has this been happening for? We are here to help. Also, wanted to make sure you have the right number -> 800-922-0204.

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