ellipsis 8 keeps restarting

My ellipsis 8 was working fine (despite being pretty slow - but it always has been) until yesterday. I had been using it on wifi at home with no problems, but then I was trying to use it on the wifi at my friends house, and it restarted while I was using tumblr. I tried uninstalling tumblr (assuming it was the problem) but it still restarted. At first it was restarting once every five minutes, but now it's about every fifteen seconds. By restarting, I mean that the screen goes dark and then shows the verizon logo and then shows the lock screen. What's odd is that after it restarts the apps I was using are still open. Also, when I disconnected from wifi, it stopped restarting.

It seems as though I've tried everything. After uninstalling tumblr, I tried a soft reset, and then cleared the cache, and then checking for system updates, and finally did a factory reset, but to no avail. It still restarts whenever I connect to wifi. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: ellipsis 8 keeps restarting
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I'm so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your tablet! We'd like to help get it working once again. Does it continue to restart when using it on other WiFi networks, other than your friend's network? Does anyone else have issues with their device on your friend's WiFi network? 


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