ellipsis 8

Just purchased the elipsis 8 tablet, I'm new to the experience.  The problem that I'm having with it is on my music screen when I first got it all my music artist pics were displayed.  After restart or power down and reboot all the pics are gone.  All that is showing is black boxes where the pics used to be.  I have redownloaded all my music again from my PC and the pics all returned.  After powering my tablet off and restarting it this morning 01/19/2015, same occurance no pics only black silhouettes again.  Is anyone out there having the same issues?  If so does anyone know what can be done to correct this issue?  I cannot keep redownloading my music each time I lose my music album pics.  By....the way all my music is on the SD card and system don't understand what is happening its very frustrating.  Thanks?