how do I set up more then one user?
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I want to be able to add my daughter to use the tablet without her using mine. You know kind of like a computer. How do I do this?

Re: how do I set up more then one user?
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This is a great question and I know that I would want the same with my tablet. Currently there is no option on this tablet to create multiple user profiles. However, this is definitely something that may certainly be implemented with future models or software. In the meantime, we do offer other parental control solutions that may be beneficial for the line. Check out our Family Base feature to see all the types of controls that you can place on the line

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Re: how do I set up more then one user?
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The Ellipsis Kids comes with Kid Mode (Zoodles) already installed; I use this on my Ellipsis 8 as well.  Once in the Zoodles app, you can have multiple log ins, and specify which apps are available to which users.  Keep in mind though, that the Zoodles app itself is a kids app, and opening various apps through Zoodles for you,as an adult, is clunky at best.

Still, I use Zoodles for the grandkids to get to their games and stuff on my tablet, and they can't get out of Zoodles without my passcode, so I use the tablet normally, and put Zoodles on when they are using it.  And within Zoodles they can each have their own favorite games and apps.