how to set percentage to manage data

how do I calculate the number that I want to manage my data, so I want go over that percentage. I'm want to set it at 50% how do I get that number?

Re: how to set percentage to manage data
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I certainly understand the importance of managing your data, especially if you want to avoid overages. To ensure we are on the same page, did you want to manage overage or usage after reaching 50%? If you want to manage your data a great tool is Family Base

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Re: how to set percentage to manage data
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I take great exception to Verizon CHARGING me to control MY data usage, for an account that is already WAY OVERPRICED, and nickle-and-dimed to squeeze EVERY LAST CENT they can get out of me. That's right, the data is MINE! I pay for it. BOY, DO I PAY FOR IT!!! When I want to limit it on one of my lines, I should be able to do that without paying extortion to Verizon.

WHY should I have to pay another $5.00 plus tax to CONTROL MY OWN USAGE?????????? (Family Base). This is criminal and I hope enough people get fed up with it to initiate some kind of class action suit. The tools are there to manage the data and set limits, but Verizon isn't nice enough to just let us do iT. No, we have to PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE!

I PAY over $400 a month now for 6 smartphones. It used to be about $50 less, then I switched to the "Verizon Plan", which automatically costs me $25 more by losing $5 per line as a discount (the discount was $25 per phone on a payment plan, now it's only $20).

Then Verizon started charging a $20 activation/upgrade fee even when on a payment plan or PAYING FULL RETAIL! CRIMINAL!!!!! I'm just waiting for them to add a feature to their phones that will charge me every time I turn it on.

If I was confident enough in Sprint's coverage in my area I would jump to them so fast and save a bunch of money. I just don't buy their claim of being within 1% of Verizon's coverage. I do admit Verizon has the best coverage, but it's no faster than Sprint (might even be a little slower) but man do they squeeze you to death with the high rates and fees for every little feature.

Re: how to set percentage to manage data

It is free to manage your own usage.  It costs $5 to let Verizon do it for you.