jetpack Elipsis constant No Service

My Jetpack elipsis hotspot, the second one I have because the first was replaced for not working, is also not working.  Constant No Service sitting right next to my cellphone which has 3 bars.  This is getting old.  It is a year now with this thing and I have never been able to actually use it.  I have replaced the device, tried 3 different sim cards,, done countless factory resets and am really sick  of this thing. Any suggestions?


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Re: jetpack Elipsis constant No Service
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry to learn that you are not able to use your Ellipsis Jetpack, Deano61. I understand that this is the second device that you get and you continue to experience service issues. You mention that you have done several troubleshooting steps, including replacing SIM Cards and Factory Resets. This may not be a device issue, let's get some additional information.


Do you experience service issues in specific places (home, office, school) or during specific times?

What is your ZIP code, and the nearest street intersection to the trouble location?