stuck on ellipsis powered by android screen

this issue started a couple weeks ago with my Ellipsis 8 tablet. at first it would shut down while updating, then it would need to "optimize" all of the apps at boot up. then it would no longer read the SIM card that was in the tablet, now it won't load past the Ellipsis powered by android screen. I have done all of the power cycles. cleared the cache. factory reset, removed the battery, let the tablet completely die and fully charge. all to no avail. If I enter the android system recovery by pressing power + up volume, I get an error message stating:

E:failed to mount /cache (invalid argument)

E:can't mount /cache/recovery/log

E:can't mount /cache/recovery/last_log

E:can't mount /cache/recovery/last_install

E:cant't mount /cache/recovery/last_kmsg

E:failed closing /dev/block/platform/soc.2/by_name/misc(I/O error)

I have searched the forums and have done all that has been suggested. I have never rooted my tablet(nor even know how), and only installed apps that were from the google play store and fairly commercial such as Netflix. I called and had the service turned off to this tablet, since it does not work anymore, but I would still like to have a functioning tablet, since I paid for it.

Re: stuck on ellipsis powered by android screen

I have exact same issue

Re: stuck on ellipsis powered by android screen
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Having a working tablet is essential, dangeneral124. Let's see what we can do to get your tablet working. Is there any physical or liquid damage to your Ellipsis? Are you using the original charger that came with the tablet? Did this start after anything new with your device? For example, new apps, new software, new accessories, etc.?

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