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Quote: Is it possible to connect a connected WIFI extende 6200Q to another WiFi Extender 6200Q via an ether...”  - Bobbyb5 

Quote: Do I still need to connect Coax to the Router if connecting TV One Mini over WiFi”  - Pip26

Quote: Launched Amazon prime successfully but when launching selection, only the audio is given with a blac...”  - Renegade08757


Spotlight of the Week (Topic or Post)


Topic:  Connecting two Verizon 6200Q WiFi Extenders together"


Topic:  G3100 moca not connecting”   


Topic:  Trouble with MOCA and 3100” 


Topic:  Slow Ethernet Upload Speeds”   


Topic:  ”Direct ONT with my own DNS” 


Topic:  ”Fios Digital Voice block outgoing 411 and Operator Assistance” 


Topic:  ”HNP has been disabled” 


Topic:  ”Unable to cast on chromecast” 


Topic:  ”Do I still need to connect Coax to the Router if connecting TV One Mini over WiFi” 


Topic:  ”No picture but sound for Amazon prime videos” 


Topic:  ”New Service, Recycled Fios One Boxes - How do we get new ones?” 


Top Liked AuthorsThanks so much for your posts this week! Kudos to you all!! 😊


Cang_Household:   125


dexman:   114


clem21:   80


tikibar1:   22


DSLMan2:   21


PhilipK1964:   12


53hunt:   8


dslr595148:   6


Brose6:   6


Jxforema1066:   5




This week’s MVPs are members who have been nominated for their multiple helpful posts as in this post,  this post , and this post.


Thank you so much  dexmanCang_Household  and clem21! Congratulations!!! 👏🏻


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