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Quote: how do I change the screen I want to use as my home screen?”  - kruse2 


Spotlight of the Week (Topic or Post)


Topic:  having trouble getting my old Panasonic VHR to record off the new Fios cable box,"


Topic:  ”Fios TV Mobile App - nbc sports philadelphia ”   


Topic:  Has anyone talked about this problem with Fios One” 


Topic:  NFL Sunday Ticket”   


Topic:  ”HBO MAX in plan” 


Topic:  ”Verizon Messaging App for PC” 


Topic:  ”Troubles signing up” 


Topic:  ”Changing banks and trying to re-set up auto pay” 


Topic:  ”Changing plans and pricing”  


Top Liked AuthorsThanks so much for your posts this week! Kudos to you all!! 😊


dexman:    25


smith6612:  10


SuzyQ:    5


gmopro1:   5


Coler13:   5


oddtaco:   5


clem21:   5


wbgainey:   5


Bobbyb5:   5


RSILVER900:   2




This week’s MVPs are members who have been nominated for their multiple helpful posts as in this post,  this post , and this post.


Thank you so much  dexmanclem21  and tikibar1! Congratulations!!! 👏🏻


Best Regards! ❤️




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