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Quote: I need a replacement remote for my TV one mini”  - Spiderman430

Quote: “imei where to find alternate place where it would be”  - rfrye5

Quote: “Vehicle charger for Galaxy S10. Which charger is compatible?”  - Bronya

Quote: “I had split my network into 2.4 and 5 for a particular device. I no longer need that, how do I go ba...”  - CJinVA

Quote: “how to set up static on other device verizon CR1000A router”  - D358


Spotlight of the Week (Topic or Post)


Topic:  Fios one remote; exit after selecting input"


Topic:  4100 STB & Sony KD-43X85K”   


Topic:  Channel Feed Cuts Out When Two TVs Are Tuned to the Same Channel” 


Topic:  Re: Can't rename STBs”   


Topic:  ”Problem Viewing Recordings on Other DVR” 


Topic:  ”G1100 PPPOE” 


Topic:  ”Unable to delete forwarded ports on my G1100 router” 


Topic:  ”Cable tv Pixelation” 


Topic:  ”Asus Router much slower than Verizon Router” 


Topic:  ”Wired connections constantly drop with Fios Gigabit”  


Top Liked AuthorsThanks so much for your posts this week! Kudos to you all!! 😊


dexman:    46


Anne154:  26


clem21:    18


tikibar1:  15


Cang_Household:   15


AGW-1980:   7


Scott5337:   6


frizfrelengfan:   6


rodneysm:   6


rbpeirce:   5




This week’s MVPs are members who have been nominated for their multiple helpful posts as in this post,  this post , and this post.


Thank you so much  dexmanAnn154  and clem21! Congratulations!!! 👏🏻


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