2 phones 2 envelopes 1 same box
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As part of the iPhone 14 promo, I was sent a shipping kit to return two phones. The kit included 2 packaging envelopes & 1 box w/shipping label.  I called the Verizon trade in team to ensure 2 phones could be sent in 1 box. They said yes as long as each phone was in it’s own separate envelope pack. I took photos of the exact process.  I had read thru these forums that Verizon was having issues with traceability once the phones were received at their Texas local.  Sure enough, I received an email stating both phones arrived and they would be assessed.  After about a week the iPhone 11 was assessed but the iPhone SE has yet to be and it is going on a month since they received it. I am concerned they may have lost it and will attempt to retract the promo price given.  I really did do my due diligence to ensure they received the phones.

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Re: 2 phones 2 envelopes 1 same box
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Hey there, Bogey4. Sorry to hear that you are having issues getting your traded in iPhones back to us! Please reach out to us via Facebook, or Twitter, so we can see what's happening here.


See you soon!