$200 Verizon Gift Card Not Received
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I switch from Tmobile, 3 lines  and  I was told we will get a $200 gift card for each line.  We only got 2. We keep calling about them and they are trying to tell us that because the 2 first lines were order online, and the other one in the store, I need it to apply for that one. No one in the store told us that. It have been more than 60 days and 3 calls later and always a different answer, The last was that instead of the $200 gift  card I could get a $20 credit.  Can someone help us with a contact number or where to go to resolve this.

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Customer Service Rep

We want to thank you for joining the Verizon family, and we definitely want to make sure that you receive all the promotions you qualify for. We have contacted you via Private Note to continue assisting you.  ~Geo