$700 Trade-In Credit Per Upgraded Line Not Applied
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In November 2022, Verizon offered me $700 trade-in credit for each line that I upgrade to the iPhone 14. This offer was given to me as a loyalty promotion. I upgraded 2 lines along with trading in 2 iPhone 11s. I chose to pick up the new phones in-store. The next day or so, I got an email stating that my order was cancelled. I called Verizon asking why, and they said the store cancelled my order because they don’t have the iPhone 14 in stock. Why did they give me an option in the first place for in-store pick up?! This caused my account to not be in the “upgradeable” stage now. The representative was able to get my account in the “Ready for upgrade” status again. This time, I had them do the upgrade for me along with the trade-in for $700 credit per line. The representative is aware that I have this promotion. However, she did not attach my promotion to the order. She made 4 separate orders (upgraded 1 line, upgraded 2nd line, trade-in 1 phone, and trade-in 2nd phone). Because she did everything manually and did not apply my loyalty promo, my account only showed estimated trade-in value of $150, not $700 that I was promised. She told me it’s easy to correct the credit on the bill. She told me she would follow up with me the next day after the order processes, so she can correct the credit. She did not call the next day and closed the ticket. I called and spoke to another representative who told me a different solution. She said I had to mail in my phone first, then when it’s logged in the warehouse, she would be able to correct my credit. She said she would follow up with me on a certain date. She never called, just like the other rep. They both marked the ticket as resolved. I called and had to re-explain my situation to so many representatives. They keep telling me not to worry and that they will fix it. The next rep said he adjusted my account to reflect $1,400 credit. He said it should show in my bill within 12-15 days and I would get a text/email. That didn’t happen either. I called again, probably the 6th representative now. They keep saying not to worry and that it’s an easy fix. This time she said the receiving warehouse is probably busy because they get lots of trade-in devices. They received my phone since December and it’s been over a month now. I have not received any status but that they received it. Where’s my $1,400 credit?? If I don’t see the credit or get some sort of update in my next billing, I’m reporting to the BBB/FCC. This is ridiculous. I switched over to Verizon due to high reviews, and this is my first time trading in my phones and I can’t believe I have to deal with this. 

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Re: $700 Trade-In Credit Per Upgraded Line Not Applied
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, jesssica07. We'd be more than happy to look further into this trade-in promo issue with you. In a few moments, you should receive a Private Note from us. Please reply there, so we can get started.