Another UPS/Verizon Lost Trade in
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Oct, 8 2022 my wife and I both went to a local Verizon store to upgrade our devices because there were some trade in promotion. After finalizing our trade in, the representative gave us one box and one shipping label to return our devices. Verizon in the past would take the phone and you wouldn't have to ship it on your own. With lack of support from the local store, I had to transfer everything over from my old phone to the new phone and took me a couple of days to get it done for both new phones.

I packaged both device just like I was told and shipped the device together in one box. A couple weeks later one phone was evaluated and credited to my account. The other phone noted received but currently being evaluated. I found it was unusual that its taking this long to get credited for my device so I called to confirm the device was received. Every representative I spoke to confirms that the device was received and currently being evaluated and I should know the next 2 weeks.

Not thinking much, after a couple months I noticed that my bill had jumped up. I called Verizon to understand why I am being charged and ofcourse I was told that since the device was sent together, I need to go to the local store to get a new Submission ID.  I find this strange and surely enough, I went to the local store where I bought my phone and they were all confused. I had to wait 2 hours in line before someone could see me or make an appointment for the following week. This was unacceptable that I had to wait that long.

Today 1/30/23, I called Verizon back and explained the situation once again, the representative claimed that they never received the phone etc...I mentioned to her that there were 2 occasion that I called in and one time I chatted with someone online and they all confirmed my device was received. After an hour on the phone with her she stated that yes they did mentioned that it was received but they were probably looking at the wrong phone. This does not make sense because this information was disclosed after one of my phone was received, evaluated, and credited to my account. 

The representative then told me that I need to file a claim with UPS. LIKE WHAT? UPS HAS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Verizon said that in order for them to start a internal investigation UPS have to confirm that the package was still the same weight when I was delivered. I pulled the tracking and the package remained 4lbs during the time the package was delivered. I try to file a claim on UPS but the package was outside of the claim dates.



Re: Another UPS/Verizon Lost Trade in
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We are sorry to hear about your experience. Making sure you receive a resolution for your promotional trade-in concern is important. We are here to help. Allow us the opportunity to review the details. We have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to that message? Thank you.