Billing Issue from Phone Trade

My husband and I participated in a phone trade-in deal back in October. Little did we know we weren’t getting a deal at all. We shipped our phones out and since then we have been getting excess charges on our bill. We have called multiple times, received multiple stories (the phones made it, the box made it but no phones, they are just waiting on the ticket), promises that the bill will be fixed, but it has yet to be corrected and we have yet to be paid back what they have already billed us. My husband spent 5 hours on the phone during one attempt where we were told to contact UPS. The problem was that because Verizon had made so many promises that it was past UPS’s 60 day claim policy.  I’m not sure what the resolution is or how to find one at this point. I’m honestly just disappointed in how long this has gone on.

Re: Billing Issue from Phone Trade
Customer Service Rep

Good evening, Connerkj21! We are concerned to your that you are going to through this and that your devices were never received. We assure you our intention is to help you in the best way we can. Can you please send us a Private Message to better assist you?