Buying iPhones 15 at Best Buy is a broken experience.
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Two weeks in a row I have upgraded my kid’s iPhones to iPhone 15, my son was last week and my daughter was today. 

we were directed to go online to initiate the trade in for their iPhone 13 online. 

this is not possible and required extreme intervention by customer service. Last week was fairly straightforward, but this week no one could help. I spoke with 4 reps. 

On top of that Verizon offers $830 trade-in. But when we did get my son’s phone back to Verizon, they offered $290. 

is Verizon incompetent or fraudulent?


how do I properly trade-in a phone when buying at Best Buy? No one seems to know, not even Verizon. Id buy direct from Apple or Verizon, but Best Buy offered me free Apple Care. 

why is it so hard to work with Verizon? I would provide the reps with detailed texts of what happened and then they would ask me again. And again. 

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Getting new phones at your store of choice shouldn't be this challenging of an experience, QuantumSam. I do know that for promotions like our $830 one you mentioned are often listed as up to $830, as there can be some factors that impact the trade-in value (most often it is the price plan, or a high-tier vs low-tier trade-in device). We'd be happy to assist and take a look into this. Please be on the lookout for a private note from us.



The devices being traded-in need to be included in the original order. Best Buy is a National Retailer of Verizon but they have their own deals, promos, rebates and everything must go through their system in order to process credits owed to you  correctly. 

Best Buy will probably tell you again to go online or call customer service but they need to fax Verizon a form with the Offer ID, Market ID, Device ID, Market Value, Amount of Credits, Term, Agreement #, MDN then when Verizon receives the form it will update on your account.

Hope this helps.