Can Verizon link a trade in to your account with the IMEI if a different shipping label was used?

So I went to an authorized Verizon retailer (third party) to get a new iPhone 14. They ordered the phone using my online account and selected pick up at their store so that I wouldn’t pay the double $35 fee. As part of that we also initiated a trade in order for my iPhone 11 on my online account. They printed the shipping label associated with the trade in order there and affixed it to a box with my phone and said I could just leave it as UPS comes to their store everyday for pick ups. 

Problem is: while clicking around my orders I accidentally hit the “create new shipping label” button on my trade in order. So now a different shipping label and tracking # is associated with my trade in than the shipping label that was actually used. I don’t have the tracking # for the original label and neither does the store though they confirmed UPS did take it. Now I can’t see any tracking progress for my trade in order, it’s showing like it hasn’t even shipped. Is verizon going to be able to tell the phone is my trade in still when they receive it by like the IMEI number and link it back to my account? I do know the IMEI number. I’m just worried now I won’t get my credit because verizon will receive my phone but it won’t connect back to my trade in order. 

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I really hope you get your credit. I would recommend reaching out to the third party store and seeing what they can advise. I'm sure they can make sure the credit is applied.-Joe