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I changed my mobile carrier in November during the holiday sales, moving away from AT&T to Verizon after 10yrs+ with the same carrier. I really regret this decision.  During my research with Verizon to understand their holiday promotions, I was promised a list of deals from the chat representative. Converting my family of 4 lines, I was offered the iPhone 14s free, with additional  $200 rebates for porting the numbers of each line, and service for each line at $25/month using the $10 discount for autopay and paperless billing. When I proceeded to sign up, the chat rep took my order including the deal for the phones and the data plans associated.  As they were entering each detail of my order, one line at a time, there was no mention of the fact that the unlimited starter plans I put on each line was not eligible for the $200 rebates ($800 total) or that the voice/data plan offered was contingent on bringing over your own phones (this means my monthly plan cost is $10/line more than originally specified - $40 extra per month total for 36 months). After being told nearly 6 weeks after signing up that 3 of the 4 lines were not eligible for the rebate (I coincidentally went with the unlimited ultimate plan on one line), I complained and the response given was that I should’ve checked the fine print that is clearly posted on the website.  Lesson to be learned for me, is that deceptive salesmen are still alive and well and not held to any standard of accountability. We all know the pressure intentionally created to commit to a sale, yet Verizon’s expectation is that you pause and go online to fact check the sales promises that are made to win your business.  Now I’m  also becoming painfully aware of the fact that the service inside our house drops calls at an alarming rate (much higher than with AT&T). Does anyone know if filing a complaint with the BBB nets results?

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