I had two Samsung S21+ cellphones unlocked, moved to Verizon.  One Voice Mail worked, other did not.  Spent hours with Level 2 and Engineering.  Told  I  needed a Verizon phone.  Just traded up for two Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.  Voice Mail does not work on either.  I contacted Verizon, thought we had fixed but did not.  Contacted AT &T for new service but need old S21s which were received last evening.  I can return S22s within 30 days but old phones cannot be returned.  Nothing they can do.  I attempted to upgrade to S23s b, which was agreed to on old terms, but the Rep could not keep service price the same.  I want to go to AT&T but trades are worth $1,000 each and I can't send new S22s as I will be charged for them.  I cannot reach any corporate office.  Help!