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I understand that Verizon offers different deals all the time, but when you purchase 2 new Pixel 7 Pro's when the phone is being released and then 1 1/2 months later the deals are so much better for the holidays it would be really nice if Verizon would allow you to get those offers as well. Especially since I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years. We have 6 phones on our account and besides purchasing the 2 Pixel 7 Pros I also purchased an iPhone 14. 

When I purchased the phones I got $700 of the Pixel 7 Pros and $400.00 of the iPhone 14 with the trade ins. But now the deals are amazing. I could of gotten the same money off plus a watch, tablet and earbuds for each of the new phones I just purchased. Also, it used to be that we were locked in for 24 months, now we are locked in for 36 months and if we decide to payoff the phone early we loose any remainder of the rebates we currently have left. 

It would be really nice if Verizon would offer the best deals when a new phone is being launched so loyal customers can get the best deals possible on launch day. It would also be nice if Verizon would show loyalty to its customers as we show to them.




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