Device Trade In Issue & Customer Service

Has anyone else had a terrible time with device trade in handling and extremely poor customer service and follow through and do you have suggestions and how to reach someone who can actually fix my issue? I completed a device trade in all the way back in October and UPS tracking showed my old phone was received by Verizon two days after I shipped it. After receiving an email from Verizon noting they hadn’t received my device I called right away to provide the tracking information. I was told it probably just hadn’t been checked into their systems yet and they were going to note all of the information provided. A few weeks after that I receive notification that my device had not been received and my trade in credits were being removed. So I called again and the rep verified they saw UPS tracking was showing the phone as received and adjusted my bill. They were also supposed to make sure I didn’t run into further issues with future bills. By the next month I still wasn’t receiving my credit so had to call yet again. The rep adjusted my bill and put in a request to credit the current invoice. That got denied which resulted in me calling a 4th time. The phone rep opened a different type of ticket to resolve the issue. I received a decline request on that and had to call and talk for the 5th time. It’s February at this point and the rep tells me my credits are being denied b/c there system isn’t showing my phone as being received even though UPS tracking showed Verizon got the phone on Oct 26th. An inventory ticket was opened to find the phone and then of course there was zero follow up after 3 weeks. I called once again and was escalated to a higher level and then I had to disconnect the call after being on hold for over an hour while the rep was trying to research the issue. When I tried to call back the call center was closed for the night. They had my callback number but never received a call back. A week later I used the chat function and once again was assured they would get to the bottom of the issue with finding my phone which is apparently lost at their warehouse at this point. They opened an escalated trade in device ticket and said to allow 8-10 days for them to validate everything. 20 days later I have yet to receive a response from Verizon and have continued to not receive my device trade in credit. I also had to upgrade my monthly plan in order to be eligible for the trade in program so this whole experience has been extremely frustrating after hours on the phone with their customer service reps and seems like a bait and switch. How do you get a hold of someone who will actually follow up and fix the issue???? Verizon needs to step up and take accountability for apparently losing my phone and honor their end of the trade in agreement. 

Re: Device Trade In Issue & Customer Service
Customer Service Rep

Good afternoon, AMG710. Not something we like to hear, or witness! No worries! Just reach out to us on our official Facebook page, or Twitter, so we can assist you, and look into this. Hope to be hearing from you soon!