Different Trade-In Value After Purchase... Anyone else?

Verizon was advertising $800 for trade-ins last fall. I purchase a new ph via chat & was guaranteed $800.

When I went to fill in the trade-in form after my purchase, I was told it was worth a fraction of the guaranteed $800. I knew I shafted by their false claims. Yesterday, I found some screenshots of that conversation when I was guaranteed $800 only to be told that it wasn't worth a bucket of rocks.

Did anyone else have this issue?  If Verizon did this to me, how many other customers got a line, too? 

Re: Different Trade-In Value After Purchase... Anyone else?
Customer Service Rep


Good morning, and thanks for reaching out. Making sure you get exactly what you pay for including money back is very important to us. We are here to help. I can take a look at things if you'd like from a diferent angle. If so, just send a Private message when ready.*Justin