Galaxy S23 preorder issue.
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I am trying so hard to upgrade my s10+ for the preorder of the s23 ultra.

It says I can trade in my phone with  unlimited plan and get 1000.00 credit.

I follow the prompts then get to the screen to verify trade in and it says I don't have the phone that I clearly am holding in my hand and started the upgrade . So I add the device again and it then says it's not giving me 1000.00 credit but only a 61.00 credit. Is this a bug or is this something I am missing? The deal says I can upgrade and trade in but it won't let me use the 1000.00 credit it offers online.

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Dukeofglenn, thanks for making us aware of the Galaxy S23 Ultra pre-order issues and we'll be glad to help process thepre-orderr step by step for you with your trade-in.


I've sent a private message so we can further assist with your pre-order. Thank you.


- Alan