Got conned!

First and foremost I am extremely disappointed dissatisfied and irritated on how Verizon conducts business! I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon on a buyout promotion and sent in my devices and never got my bill bought out, I contacted Verizon several times  just to get lied to by every representative that assisted me and said it was going to be handled multiple times in which it was never handled and the last rep I talked to said that they originally had that buyout promotion added to my and account and that it was changed without my approval, authorization and discretion. And then said there was nothing they can do.I honestly feel like this was the biggest regret I ever made switching to Verizon and thanks for the multiple hang-ups, hours being put on hold  and even one representative literally yelling at me, I guess that’s the type of experience you hand out to your loyal customers thanks for ruining my day!

Re: Got conned!
Customer Service Rep

Oh, no! We would be more than happy to help you here. Please follow and DM us, so we can help.