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I am posting in hopes that someone may have an idea or solution to my story other than switch.

  • visited a Verizon store in Nov 22 for something simple with my Galaxy Note phone (approximately 1  year old)
  • saw the new S22 Ultra and the employee said lets check your account to see what you may be eligle for
  • Supposedly my account had the following special promotions
    • Up to $800 of Select Android Smartphones for upgrades w/ damaged Trade-In Accepted Promotion Value $800
    • Galaxy Watch5 as low as $5/mo Value $150
  • I did not need either a new phone or a watch (which I really didnt even need, however with the offers it seemed like why not try)
  • I DID NOT receive $950 in credits/ promotions / offers (whatever they want to call it) instead I received $175. WHAT, that is quite a spread, dont you think.   Keep in mind there was absolutely nothing wrong with the device I traded in
  • I have been calling customer service each month after I get my bill to see why it is not fixed yet with absolutely NO luck
  • Talk about a bait & switch of huge proportion from a so called reputable company

I cant find a customer retention number and honestly not even sure customer retention could fix such a deceitful act.  I am a long standing customer.  I have only ever used Verizon, until now.  I refuse to place one more call to the general customer service line, I have already lost too many hours of my life on that line trying to sort this out

If anyone has any ideas I am certainly open to try.  

Thank you in advance

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We want to do everything we can to help you with any changes to your account as well as any promotions you're elegible for. We'll send you a Private Note shortly.