Help! Order Issues from December 22, 2022
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Warning! One of the most ridiculous situations you will ever read about. So grab your popcorn and hold on tight.

On December 22, 2022, my husband and I went to a brick and mortar (managed) Verizon Wireless store. On that day, we upgraded two phones on our account and were offered the following promotion: 1 Apple SE watch and 1 Apple iPad (9th generation) for free (per phone upgrade). Well, it's now February 6, 2023, and we still do NOT have our items. 

Between my husband and I, we have spent 10+ hours (not an exaggeration) trying to get this corrected but to no avail. We have tried escalating this situation on multiple occasions but keep being told that there is nothing that can be done or that the supervisor/manager we are speaking with have no manager above them so it can't be escalated.

Timeline of Events (high-level as typing all encounters would simply turn this from a post to a novel):

Between December 22, 2022, and now, here is what my husband and I have encountered

  • Placed order at store, Confirmed shipping address 
  • Reviewed order via confirmation email on way home 
  • Saw that shipping address was incorrect
  • Called store to request that it be updated, was told that only customer service could update
  • Chatted with customer service and was told to go back to the store
  • Went back to store, was told to call/chat customer service
  • Chatted with customer service and was told to contact them back once the order was shipped so the address could be changed (Note: Confirmed, multiple times, in that chat that this was accurate as it seemed odd that the address had to be changed after the items shipped)
  • Received email confirmation that the order was shipped so chatted with customer service to make them aware
  • Customer service said that the address change had to be made BEFORE the items shipped - Informed them that that was my assumption as well but was told that it had to be changed after
  • Customer service then said that they would contact the shipping company to change the delivery address
  • While waiting for customer service to confirm that they were able to change the delivery address, they came back to say that this wasn't possible and that I needed to go back to the store to do this 
  • Went back to the store to do this and was told by the employee at the store that this wasn't possible 
  • Got back in contact with customer service to be told that the only thing that can be done now is to wait for the items to be denied at delivery and shipped back. Then once this happened, the order could be re-placed 
  • Received confirmation that the items could not be delivered and that the items were being shipped back
  • Contacted customer service about this confirmation and was told to call/chat back after 8-10 business days
  • After the 10 business days, contacted customer service and was told that the items had been received and that the order will be reshipped (to the correct address) within 24 hours
  • No confirmation received within 24 hours so contacted customer support
  • Customer support says nothing was documented on the order and that the order cannot be placed (Note: I have a screen shot of the chat, but it still didn't matter)
  • Went back to the store and spoke with a regional manager and was told that the order cannot be placed because the finance limit (for the FREE items) will put the account over the limit so will need to pay a $500 non-refundable fee
  • When asked why this wasn't an issue when the order was placed on December 22, 2022, was told that 'it fell through the cracks' or it was just 'overrode' - When asked if it could be overridden now since this isn't my fault, was told no and offered no additional solution that wouldn't cost me $500 in a non-refundable fee

HELP!!! I have no idea how to get this resolved and my kids would like their Christmas presents. And if it can't be resolved, does anyone have any best practices on how best to change service providers, because apparently my 16+ years as a customer doesn't mean anything.