I'm caught in the tradein fiasco too!
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Well, the title says it all.  I sent in my phone at the end of February to Verizon as part of the tradein/upgrade to get device credit.  I've been told the device never made it to the warehouse, but when I show the UPS receipt it says it made it there over a month ago.   Then I follow up again and I've been told the box was empty!  Good thing my UPS receipt shows the weight of the box, but VZW doesn't care.

Just like everyone else, VZW employees at the warehouse are stealing devices.  If you read the tradein terms and conditions, VZW isn't responsible for lost or stolen devices.  So guess what?  You are out as the consumer if a worker at the warehouse takes your deactivated phone (remember, you have to deactivate it before shipping it), and then lists it on Ebay for a hefty discount, but major profit.

How about this VZW, make the phone in a dormant status on the account?  Once the tradein device is received at the warehouse and has gone through the appraisal process, then the phone can be deactivated and removed from the account?  Sound good right?  At least that way if the phone is stolen prior to the appraisal, it won't work or be activated on anyones account (blacklisted).  And if the phone has been removed from the account, VZW got the phone and owes you the tradein credit!  

By the way, this isn't the first time I lost a tradein.  I had to eat $800 years ago too.  

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Hello, @mberg08510! That is awful to hear, I know that every penny counts and I regret any inconvenience as we always want it to be easy to do business with us. I would feel the same in your situation, allow me the opportunity to explore different options. Please, send me a private message, so I can take care of your problem. 
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