New Samsung S23 Ultra sent back at Verizon Request
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I have been on chat for about an hour and they have yet to give me a straight answer.  The rep keeps wanting to cancel my order... probably that's the easiest solution for them 😞

Does anyone know why Verizon would request a new phone be sent back to Texas while in transit?

Verizon Support,

Using the chat on MyVerizon was frustrating and confusing (for a native English speaker). They finally just stopped responding. Where does one turn? This process has been very stressful and does not inspire confidence or a positive customer experience. 

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Customer Service Rep

This is something that we would need to access your account in order to give you a correct answer to. One reason could be is that the wrong phone was sent out and they caught it after it was picked up by the carrier delivering it (ex UPS) But we would need access into your account to see why your was.