New Verizon phones

Got 3 new Verizon phones at Costco (Bend, OR).  2 phones I had the imeai number and 1 other I did not (son-in-law in another town). Received the 3 phones by mail.  I mailed son-in-laws phone to him. I had trouble porting all 3 numbers due to Verizon techs not knowing what other techs had done.  It took 1 week to port all 3 numbers.   I am now able to send the old phones to Verizon.   My 2 phones ( with imeai numbers) were submitted to a Verizon store in person yet the Verizon store did not know the trade-in value because they did not know the discount presented by Costco.      The 3 rd phone will be sent by Verizon UPS label (submitted by Costco rep) in 2 days.

So I bought the 3 phones on August 25 and finally got the 3 phones working on September 9.   It has taken 2 weeks to get the phones working and I just now was able to send the 2 old phones to Verizon.

Now myVerizon App  states that only 2 phones have the $1000 trade-in credit.

Will I have to argue with Verizon rep about the discount for the 3rd phone?  I bought the 3 phones from Costco when the discount from Verizon was " a free iphone 14 pro" using the discount from Verizon of $1000.  


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Customer Service Rep

Bdb1, I’m glad you got some new phones with us. Of course I want you to benefit from any promotions from trade-ins you qualified for. We’re sending a Private Note, so we can help further with this.