No trade in value shown for all five phones on my account

I guess I've been given the same treatment, like the other people trading perfectly working phones in.  I have five lines with phones that show I owe the full amount.  I traded phones in when there was deals.  I traded a iPhone 13 max that worked perfectly for the new 14.  I believe the deal was 800 off, but it doesn't show that at all.  I traded a S21 ultra in for a S22 ultra.  No amount seems to be taken off.  I traded three different iphones in for iPhone 13s and a 14.  It doesn't appear any significant amount has been reduced.  Of course the billing is completely worthless to look at.  Calling the number gets me nowhere.  Someone please help me figure this out or explain it to me.

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Customer Service Rep

We definitely want to ensure that your bill is accurate. Please send us a Private Note, so we can get right to work for you.