Not honoring upgrade promotion
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My goodness. I’ve been promised a $700 credit on two phone trade-ins since December.  The song and dance I’ve had to do repeatedly is asinine. Been a customer for 20 years. No longer. I’ve made numerous phone calls to customer service and been told EACH TIME I would be receiving the trade-in credit. Still waiting.


Everyone - TAKE NOTES during your phone calls. Get ticket numbers. Make sure they’re making notations to your account. Unreal how badly they’ve mishandled a simple transaction. 

Re: Not honoring upgrade promotion
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It would seem a very common occurrence that needs to have attention brought to it. 

I traded in a perfectly good Samsung Notebook 20 because I was promised a $1000 trade in on a new Samsung 23 ultra.  I took a video of the phone to show everything was in perfect working order. Placed a note in the box saying so and sent it off. 
I got an email they received the phone and would be providing an appraisal. I never got it. No emails, no nothing. Then I checked my account recently because I am considering going with AT&T due to the lousy service and see it says I owe $1149. 
How can that be?
So I inquired with Verizon and a rep said the credit for $1000 was accepted and applied and she would see why its not showing. A week later and its nothing but a run around.
There is no credit.
I bought the phone for 1379. If I' got the $1000 credit and paid 230.09 so far, how can I owe $1149.90? And if you add, 1149.90 to 230.09, it comes out to $1379 so where's the $1000 credit? 
This isn't right and now, I can't wait to leave this company. 

Re: Not honoring upgrade promotion
Customer Service Rep

Hello, MedusaDee, I'm sorry to see you're missing out on your trade-in credit. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.