Phone trade in issues
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Hello, we switched from Tmobile toVerizon back in December of 2022. Traded in 3 iphones for 3 new iphones. 

 We were initially credited from day with the trade in promo which we thought wasa nice gesture and reassured us of our decision to send out expensive iphones for a trade. 

As of today (30+ days later) they have only assessed one of the 3 iphones. We also just got an email today stating they removed promo credit for two of our lines which I am assuming it is because of two of the three iphones are still sitting somewhere in the returns center. 

So now our bill has gone up and we have had no communication or followup from last month when I initially brought up this issue of our phones not being assessed. I was told not to worry as they do have the phones. But I was lied to and now am a bit disappointed and frustrated.


Who has any insight on what to do in this matter? An Iphone 12 pro and Iphone 11 are with Verizon and not assessed and we are unable to get this resolved.  


We had a feeling switching was a bad idea. 


Re: Phone trade in issues
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We would be happy to look into this for you. Send us a Private Message for assistance.