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I had an awful interaction with the chat customer service and I don't think they were following company policy.   
The issue I was trying to resolve:
I've had my number with Verizon for over 19 years and was happy with my basic phone not needing upgrades for the last 10.  I wanted to finally  upgrade to a smartphone and data plan so when I saw the recent iPhone promotion I was excited to do it. ($800 off retail or free iPhone 14 Plus)  After over 5 hours on chat it sounded like I had to do a complicated process to cancel my account with Verizon and reassign my number to fully qualify.  It seemed weird but I just wanted written confirmation and the steps before I cancelled my number with Verizon and messed something up.
The specific problems in this interaction:  
1.  It was late and I wanted a simple yes or no that this plan with account cancellation would work and qualify me for the promotion ending today. Each response took 10-20 minutes, which is fine, sometimes things can be busy.  But they were intentionally not answering the question.  This went on for over an hour despite me explaining it was late and I needed this one response to go to bed.
2. I asked to speak to their supervisor as it went past midnight but didn't get transferred.  I'm skeptical this was an actual supervisor at this point.  First they tried sending me to a forum board to file a complaint but it was an unresolved post.  
3.  Then "supervisor" told me to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau instead of an internal corporate complaint to Verizon.  (Which I guess I now have to do this week but I've never been told to do that before.)  
I double checked with a 2nd representative who was helpful today and was instead told instead I could email or write to:
VZWMail @ ecrmemail.verizonwireless.com
Verizon Wireless
P.O. Box 408
Newark, NJ 07101-0408
After writing out an email, I thought I could pretty much just copy/paste it here if other users had issues.  Now on top of the poor experience I'm running on low sleep to start the week.  I don't even have the energy to try and do the promotion which ends today.   I thought this would be a simple and fun process to upgrade with Verizon given how long I've been with them but it has been anything but.
A very exhausted customer.
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Hello there. I want to make sure I help you with your upgrade concerns! I truly want to make sure we resolve this issue, and look into this more for you. Please join me in our secure chat, so I can further assist you.  


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