Problem with phone trade in
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In December 2022 my wife and I purchased two new Pixel phones and traded-in two older Samsung phones. Following directions, I shipped the Samsungs to Verizon using the provided UPS label and mailing sleeves. UPS delivered them on Jan 19 (well within the 30 day trade-in period). I then received an email from Verizon stating that  they had the phones and would begin the evaluation. The email also stated that I would receive a second email from Verizon noting the details of the evaluation - this email never came. The latest bill came stating that we have to start making payments on the new phones with no trade-in discount. There  was no evaluation result indicated. Verizon is claiming that they did not receive the phones. I have been unable to get the chat bots to understand the problem. How can I reach a human being to talk about this?

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We had the same issues about 2 years ago, and we went round and round with Verizon Reps ( we sent in a I Phone and a Samsung Galaxy ) as quoted we'd get full price. We got a E Mail stating the phone weren't in the condition as VERIZON expected ( both phone had the boxes screen protectors and had cases on them ( the phones were as in new condition)  You'll need to keep on Verizon in order to get the pricing they offered you. It takes a LONG time to do this, but it should iron out You'll need to talk with a Supervisor and always get their ID Number. keep records too.