Promotional trade-in credit downward adjustment
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I traded in my Samsung S9+ under a promo where my phone qualified for the trade.  The promo stated that it did not matter if the screen or phone had cracks, it would be given regardless.  I was supposed to get $350 for my trade.  I followed all the rules of the return and upon receipt, they instead gave me $4.68 stating as their reason that "no qualifying promotion found."  This is highway robbery!  I could have sold the phone outright and got more than that! What an insult!  $4.68!  There was nothing functionally wrong with the phone at all, just had some cracks on the back of phone! I want the other $345!  If not for the promo, I wouldn't have done a trade at that time!  I will be filing a FCC claim next week when I can talk to someone live. So very disappointed in Verizon after being a loyal customer for over 20 years! 


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Re: Promotional trade-in credit downward adjustment
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This is certainly never how we want an experience to leave any customer feeling, kandersonrocks. Especially with your 20-years of loyalty. I know I would want that loyalty feeling reciprocated. We definitely want to get a fresh look into this issue, and see what we can do to turn this experience around. I've sent you a private note here to help gather some additional details to look into this matter for you.