Refund haven't came yet

I'm so really mad I have gotten two new phones on November 22 2022 and had traded on my two old phones that I was supposed to get 800.00 off of each new phones that I had purchased and now it in the month of February 2023 if I don't get the 1600.00 dollars for my two phones I'm going to cancel my Verizon account and go to another company and tell all my friends and family to change there services to another company or Verizon needs to give me back my two old phones or give me 1600.00 dollars of free merchandise seriously if I don't get any answers soon

Re: Refund haven't came yet
Customer Service Rep

You have my attention, Krbik69. We would be sad if you left us. I am a consumer myself so I get wanting to make sure you get your promotions. I would love to investigate this for you. Please meet us in private message.