Replacement Device Trade-In
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A little while ago (1-2 months) I had to get a replacement device issued by Asurian. I decided to pay off my remaining balance. So, I official own my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Since it's been 2 years, I would like to upgrade to the new s23 Ultra. I went to Samsung's site after getting e-mails about pre-orders. Everything was fine until I had to log in to my Verizon account to complete checkout. My trade was declined, I wasn't eligible for the promo $800 discount credit. So I come to Verizon to attempt to do the same thing. It works until I have to verify my trade. Even though when I check devices on my account, it prompts me to upgrade, when I actually try to do so, I meet this error

"This device is already enrolled in a device payment plan and isn't eligible for trade-in. You can pay off the remaining balance by going to Account, then My Devices, and clicking Pay off. When you're done, click the cart icon to return to your transaction."

It's frustrating. I just wanted a new phone.  The only reason I think there's a problem is because I had to get a replacement phone. So my TL:DR question:


Is there a rule someplace that you can't use a replacement device for a trade-in promotion?