Spend THOUSANDS of dollars and receive NO HELP

I called to upgrade my iPhone 12 Pro Max to an iPhone 14 Pro Max. The transaction was seamless. The next day, I decided I would like to pay the balance on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and keep it instead of sending it back. I spoke to a Representative named Chris. He informed me that by keeping the iPhone 12 Plus I would not be eligible for the promotion on the iPhone 14 Pro Max I had agreed to. So he helped me to keep the iPhone 14 Pro Max upgrade by sending back the 12, but so I could have an additional phone, I could add another line, and this would allow me to receive an $800 credit for BOTH the iPhone 14 Pro Max upgrade and another new iPhone 14. So I signed the agreement. When I received the 14 Pro Max, there was an envelope and shipping label to return the 12 Pro Max. The shipping label was misplaced, so I chatted, text, and spoke with around 6 different representatives that would send me to the same link in order to resolve the issue, and replace the label. Every time I would receive an error telling me my phone did not qualify for a trade-in and to call customer service. Every time I called I was sent back to the same link. Ultimately, I have a EUC 12 Pro Max that I need to GIVE back to Verizon in order to receive $1600 credit for two phones I purchased with the understanding I would receive the credit once my 12 was returned. NO ONE is able to send me a stinking shipping label!!!!!! I have spent HOURS on the phone and computer with different people and NO ONE is able to help me. A current customer in EXCELLENT standing with the company, and spends THOUSANDS of dollars upgrading and extending the business relationship only to be told I cannot get a replacement shipping label!!!! ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. 

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