Trade In Discount Not Applied to account, multiple Customer Service calls later... nothing.
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Good Afternoon,

I am reaching out using this forum because after 6 phones calls to people in Verizon Customer Service and "escalations" that I'm not sure ever happened I figured I would give this forum a shot.

In June of 2022, as all three of my kids phones needed to be replaced, I moved forward with a promotion to receive $800 in trade in credit for each phone I upgraded to an Iphone 13.   The new phones arrived and we set them up and my kids were happy.  Only one box arrived from Verizon and that was the box I was supposed to use to redeem the old phone.  I thought it peculiar that they only wanted one of my three phones and sent the single phone in as a result.  A number of months later, i noticed on my bill that the trade in credit was only being applied to one of my phones.  I called Verizon customer service and they told me they'd get me the credit i needed.  Three or four weeks passed and nothing on my bill had changed so i called back again.  This time this individual indicated that i would need to trade in the other two phones before he would be able to get me the discount i was expecting.  That made sense to me and i had no trouble taking this action as i understood that providing an old phone for a new phone was how the promotion was supposed to have operated.  I went to a nonfranchise Verizon store, traded in the phones and received the credit.  Since then i have called back multiple times and the service reps just can't seem to find my records or tell me that they will "escalate" the situation and that it will be resolved in less than 7 days.  I have had this issue escalated at least 3 times with no word no follow up no final decision.  Verizon is great about filling up my email box with offers and promotions but it would be nice if a little time and care about me as an individual account holder could come to pass.

All I want is the deal I thought I was entering into in June: trade in credit of $800 per phone applied to my account (around $22 per phone per month for 36th months).  Up until now i have been very happy with my Verizon products and service and would the opportunity for this company to renew my faith in them.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Trade In Discount Not Applied to account, multiple Customer Service calls later... nothing.
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NigelM71, I am truly sorry to hear that you have needed to put so much of your time in to ensuring that you receive the offer that was expected. Time is something that no one has enough of. I do appreciate the details that you have  provided. Allow me to ask, had you ever received Submission ID's for the other lines? Basically, when you place an order and will be trading in a device, if you complete that trade in information at the order you will receive and email with a submission ID. Did you receive 3 different trade in submission ID's? -Loren

Re: Trade In Discount Not Applied to account, multiple Customer Service calls later... nothing.
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Hi Loren

That has clearly been part of the problem with this interaction.  I took the two  phones to my local Verizon store (not a franchise) and they gave me a receipt with the amount of trade in credit that I received for each phone.  There was nothing else provided by them nor did I receive a follow up text or email from Verizon acknowledging this transaction.   (In fact, when I submitted the one phone online, were the interaction is working as expected ({edited for privacy}), I didn't  receive any acknowledgement in the form of a Submission ID either).

During the course of the 9 interactions that I have had with your telephone customer service colleagues I have been able to discern the Fedex tracking numbers for both phones, which according to the records were received by your facility in TX on November 25th:

Tracking Number {edited for privacy}

for both of the following phones

Device ID {edited for privacy} Telephone number previously attached to this phone {edited for privacy}

Device ID {edited for privacy} Telephone number previously attached to this phone {edited for privacy}

(There is a possibility those two phone numbers could need to be flip flopped) 

As you can see I have talked to lots of your colleagues but this issue seems to stall out each and every time.  I keep getting told that it will be "escalated" and that I will hear back in 3 to 5 business days but nothing happens, no email, no text, no follow up.  It would seem that that this some that the Promotion Correction Team could adjust but again I have heard nothing from that division.

I greatly appreciate your time and assistance with this issue and hope that we can work on a resolution together.