Trade-In Issue

After hours of agonizing text chats and phone calls to customer service, I still have no resolution to my "lost" devices that I have PROOF OF DELIVERY for.  I am new to Verizon, switched over in January, and received a $2000 trade in credit for two iphone12 pro phones.   Everything seems great, I send the devices in the box with the prepaid label and all goes according to plan.  Until I receive an email nearly 3 months later stating that my trade in submission isn't complete because Verizon never received my devices.  How ABSURD is this, and it gets better ...I have email documentation, UPS tracking and UPS PROOF OF DELIVERY to the Verizon warehouse, but yet the customer service team still states that they don't have my devices and can't help me.  Meanwhile, I am not being charged the $2k trade in amount.  My time is more valuable than this and I am extremely frustrated.  Guess we will have to escalate this since no "Managers" provided any helpful solution either.  The greatest part, I google online and EVERYONE appears to have the same problem.  What's up Verizon?  Do you have a warehouse full of old phones that you are selling now and just crippling people as you go?  Wish I had read the forums before making the leap to Verizon.  How disappointing.

Re: Trade-In Issue
Customer Service Rep

So sad to hear your going through this. We understand how import it is to get these things handled. Please reach out, and we can do our best to get you taken care of.