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I purchased an iPhone 15 Pro Max online from Best Buy.  I have been a Verizon customer for over 5 years so this purchase was an early upgrade from an iPhone 13 Pro Max. With the early upgrade promotion, I was eligible because I had paid off more than 50 percent of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.  The Best Buy online purchase was seamless.  The new phone pick up from Best Buy was also seamless.  Had to call Verizon to activate the new phone because the auto activation was failing.  I was told by Best Buy that I would receive a package in the mail to return the old iPhone 13 Pro Max.  After about a week, I still had not received a package to return to the old phone so I went to the Verizon store for assistance.  I was told to go back to Best Buy.  Went back to Best Buy to ask about a return package and was told that Verizon has to issue the return package and label.  Went to another Verizon store and manager printed a return label for me and gave me a padded envelope to return the phone.  At this point, I’m receiving emails from Verizon that my old phone still had not been returned…so I immediately dropped the phone off at Fed Ex, received the tracking information and tracked the phone until it was delivered which was 2 days later.  The Verizon store manager told me to be sure to keep the tracking information because so many people have had an issue with their old phone not being credited to their account.  Fast forward a week or so, and my bill comes and it’s substantially higher than my typical monthly bill.  I call Verizon and am told that the bill increase is due to not paying off the old phone and not returning it.  I informed the representative about the phone upgrade and issue returning the old phone…the rep asked for the tracking information and I gave it to him.  He looked up the tracking information, saw that the device was delivered, saw the upgrade order, and supposedly submitted a request to have my account credited.  He said the credit would appear in 48 hours.  I waited a few days and still didn’t receive the credit, so I called again, was told that they need to resubmit the information for the credit and it would take 3-5 days.  I called again the next day and asked for a manager but no one would allow me to speak to a supervisor or manager.  I was told that I would receive a call back by end of business but a day has passed and still no call back or resolution.  Now Verizon is sending me messages about not allowing my service to be interrupted due to the bill.  I paid the typical bill amount but have not paid the additional charge for the old phone…At this point, I don’t know what else to do except for maybe going to another provider.  

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