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Can't find an answer to this question. I have 5 iphones to send in for a trade, and 5 shipping labels. Does it matter which label goes with which phone (various iphone 8, x, 11)? It seems like it does matter, but there is no way to determine that a tracking # goes with say the iphone 11 vs my iphone 8. Last thing I want is for verizon to get a package thinking its and iphone 11 worth $800 and in it is the "wrong" phone therefor i get a smaller or no credit at all. Given all the questions about this, Verizon should clarify their procedures, or just allow all phones to be sent back in one box.

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Customer Service Rep

We can certainly understand your concerns, as no one wants to have issues with their trade in. Please send us a Private Note, so we can get right to work for you.