Trade in Credit Cancelled
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I've been with Verizon for over 20 years. I've never missed a payment or had any issues with my account. I passed on many offers to upgrade my phone, then I finally gave in for the $1000 credit trade in promotion. When I received the new phone, as directed, I returned the trade in using the same box and prepaid shipping label. I was a little concerned with sending it through UPS so I called Verizon and the agent said all I had to do was take pictures of the phone with the label and box. So I took a few pictures, sealed it away and dropped it off at UPS. I kept following the tracking until it was arrived and received. 

I started getting emails with a countdown on how many days I had to return the phone. I immediately called Verizon and asked them why they're sending me these emails since it's been received. All 4 agents said it was fine and ignore the emails because they see it was received.  A couple weeks later, I received another email stating that my credit was cancelled. I panicked and called Verizon AGAIN, and the agent put me on hold for over an hour. She told me that the box was received at the warehouse, but there was no phone in there. She mentioned that there are many customers that do that trying to get away without sending the trade in. I was so shocked, I asked her if she's insinuating that I was a thief. That was so insulting. Then she offered my $450 since I was a long time customer. At this point I am so insulted, I didn't want to speak to her anymore and asked to speak to a supervisor. She put me on hold AGAIN and after who knows how long, a "supervisor" gets on the line. He said that they received the box empty. He said it's not Verizon for sure because they video all the returns being opened. I asked to see the video and he said it would need to be subpoenaed. I told him it wasn't my fault that somewhere along the line the phone disappeared. I told him I took pictures, as the agent mentioned,  before sending it out. He didn't seem to care and just told me that he can "do me a favor" and credit me $798 since I've been a long time customer. I told him NO, that's not the contract we agreed upon. Why should I be punished for someone else's actions. I did my part, and I should get the $1000 credit and not a penny less. The supervisor just asked if there was anything else I needed. I was so furious at this so called customer service. How do they make me take the blame for this?! I've never been so insulted. I just spent over and hour and a half on this call for nothing. 

The next morning I called again, talked to another agent that was understanding and professional. She escalated my situation to another department and said they would do an investigation and it'd take 7-10 days. I can live with that because at least they are trying to do something more than "doing me a favor" and giving me less credit and accusing me of being a thief. If they cannot follow through with our contract they agreed upon, then give me my old phone back and it'll be fair. If they are unable to do that, then they need to follow through with the $1000 credit they agreed upon. If Verizon has so many issues with these trade in returns, then do not offer having it returned by UPS. Just have the customers return it in the stores. I don't understand how they offer returns being shipped back by UPS and just blaming the customer if something goes wrong. Of course there are different situations, but I returned my phone using their box and label, and it shows it being received. After that, it should be on them. 

I never thought of leaving Verizon, but after all this stress, unfairly being accused of being a thief, and time wasted, I'm really considering it. If you're going to treat your loyal long time customers as thieves, then going elsewhere won't matter. This should have been a smooth transaction, but instead, it's a very inconvenient mess that never should have happened. I'm so disappointed. 

Apparently, the proof of delivery means nothing. They can say whatever they want and not have to back it up with proof. If the box was really empty, then they need to take it up with UPS. It's out of my hands and shouldn't be my concern. How is this fair? 


Dear Customer,
This notice serves as proof of delivery for the shipment listed below.
Please print for your records as photo and details are only available for a limited time.
Tracking Number
{edited for privacy}
UPS Ground
Delivered On
03/09/2023 6:23 P.M.
Delivered To
Received By
Left At

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