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I traded in my iphone XR in January 2023 and was promised $800 towards a new iphone 14  but have still not recieved any trade in credit. i would have never bought  a new phone if I knew this would be the case. I have read countless other forums on people with a similar issue.  How long has Verizon been at this? I have talked to six customer service agents, been given ticket numbers, gone back an forth and still nothing. All the customer service agents are foreign and just shooting in the dark reading off scripts. I have essentialy had my iphone XR stolen from me and my bill has atually gone up due to having the new phone. I am strongly considering switching carriers or even filing an FCC complaint. We need to band together on this and prevent Verizon from stealing people's money and phones like this. 

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We're so sorry to hear that your trade-in concerns have gone unresolved for 4 months now, gabemichaud. We absolutely understand your frustration and would hate to lose your preference over this situation. I would love the opportunity to review your account and help find out what's going on with that device trade-in credit right away. To better assist, I'll be sending a Private Note shortly.