Trade-in Issue
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My wife and I traded in our Iphone XRs with a trade-in value of $800/phone in October 2022 when we switched to Verizon to upgrade to the Iphone 14 Pro. As of January 2023, the total payment of each of our new phones remains at $1200 and the trade-in amount has not been applied to our account. I have called Verizon countless times and there does not seem to be a clear solution to this issue. Are there any options @vzw_customer_support ? We need would like to get this resolved and get the money for our phone trade-ins.

Re: Trade-in Issue
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Thank you for reaching out to us, my name is Adriana, and I am your customer service expert, ready to help!
It will be my pleasure to assist you today, please feel free to send us a PM if you have any questions or concerns you need assistance with.