Trade in credit issue- unresolved after multiple contacts

I have been dealing with an issue ever since I switched from AT&T to Verizon in June of 2023. I traded in our phones and was told that we would receive the $800 promotion credit. I was given instructions and boxes to prepare the phones and ship them back in the boxes provided by Verizon- and to drop them at a UPS store to be shipped. I followed these directions and shipped them on June 28. 

We started to receive text messages for one of the phones saying that it wasn't returned. I chatted with a Verizon rep via their website and also called the customer service line. Each time the rep would assure me that I shouldn't worry and that my credit will be applied- after I would spend at least 30 minutes each time going over the situation and providing the device ID and UPS tracking numbers, etc. 

From my last chat on August 21, the rep wrote: "I have now successfully process the promo correction here on my end. Just a heads up that the credits will be applied 1-2 billing cycle from now and rest assured that you will also receive the lump sum for the number of months that you did not receive the credit." 

I thought it was fine, until I received my bill and I was stil having to pay the higher amounts due to the credit being taken away. I called Verizon again today (September 7th) to make sure that what the rep told me from the last encounter was being applied to my account. Sure enough- it was not. So, now I have been told that I will be receiving my credit at least 3 times now and now I am being told that was not actually the case. This time - the rep insisted that a UPS claim needed to be filed. So, I spent at least 45 minutes on the phone with the Verizon rep and UPS filing a claim- all to be told that it was past the 61 day window and so UPS was not going to be liable for the loss. They also stated that the tracking of the device clearly showed that it was delivered on August 19th to the Return Center in Fort Worth TX. 


- Why is Verizon not honoring what the rep told me in chat back on August 21 and applying my credit?

- Why was a UPS claim not filed during my multiple other chats and calls with Verizon reps? Those were within the 61 days that UPS claims is needed in order to accept any liability.

- Why if I did everything I was supposed to do- I followed all the instructions and returned the device via the UPS store in the box that Verizon gave me - is Verizon not honoring my tradein credit?? Even the verizon site shows that the return was initiated on June 16 and was shipped on June 29. UPS shows it was delivered to your return center on June 29.


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Customer Service Rep

Hello Hhem03, thank you for reaching out to us. We're sorry for the issues you're encountering with your trade in. We will be sending you a private note to further assist.