Trade in credit lost if balance paid off
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So has anyone ever experienced the fact you trade a phone in and they promise you the 800 for a trade, then after that accept its a monthly payment which is okay. But when you ask about the value being applied to the current device you know since they have your old device, but they said if I pay off my balance that I'd lose the 800 from my note 10. Which they just got in October. I had to purchase a phone for work and it was basically an even trade (199) until the s23s came out so I could upgrade to that. 


Thinking I may just go to at&t since everytime there is an issue they always have some form of work around and now will cost me 1700. (Trade and payment of my s22.) With no support or anything helpful. 

Great customer service, at least give the old phone back.

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We are saddened to hear that you are considering going to another carrier, Jbrown21. Your feedback is valuable. We do not hide the fact that the trade in credits are based upon keeping the device payments active. You will find that other carriers have similar stipulations on their promotions, whether it's loss of credits or a termination fee. It is our hope that you will reconsider and stay with Verizon Wireless. 


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the problem with this is George that some people might have damage to their phones and want a new phone and then the credit that you gave them your now charging them for if they have to get a new phone. 
. My mom went to Verizon needed a new phone traded hers in. They gave her $100. They charge it to my account and then give a credit seems to me. It’s a little like double dipping. She paid for her new phone in full  so she wouldn’t have an extra added payment on my account. If she wants to trade her phone in now, she’d have to pay off $72. And that’s staying with Verizon she would still have to pay.   . Why should she have to pay what you promised her for the phone as a trade in if she stays with verizon.    And the 3 year obligation is another laugh.   Everyone knows the phones dont last that long.   Now the rates are getting raised. 
but.  if I’m under a three-year contract, then why should I have my rate raised