Trade in issues
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Hi, we're having issues getting our trade-in sorted out.  The first issue was that the local Verizon store said we needed to submit the trade online ourselves instead of handing it in at the store but online the trade value was showing lower than it was supposed to with the upgrade deal that was running. Then trying to contact online chat support resulted in what was labeled a "Return" shipping label but no indication it was for a trade-in and no paperwork showing that this trade-in was set up in the system. Then a call into customer support told us they would send a trade-in kit to send in the trade-in phone but it's been a week and the trade-in kit hasn't arrived.

Is there any way to track that these things are actually happening?  Nothing appears in the account about this and it's becoming frustrating that this whole thing doesn't seem at all organized.

Re: Trade in issues
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Hello, knutsoej1. I am here for support and motivated to help with your trade in concerns! Let's gather more information by reviewing your acccount. Please send us a Private Note to get started. 


Re: Trade in issues
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Sorry to hear about your troubles.    I also had never ending issues with my $2,400 in trade ins.  First, they never sent the trade in kits even after requesting them multiple times through every available avenue (phone, online, chat, etc).   Each time they said the trade-in kits would arrive and they never did.   I finally was told about a work around of printing a label from one of the agents and I sent the 4 phones in that way - but then they only credited me pennies on the dollar - and one phone was just completely unaccounted for.   I could go on and on.   This was a full time job trying to reach resolution - endless phone calls, chats, private messaging, special chats via these boards, etc.    Each interaction took hours to explain, being transferred around and then given promises for call backs or resolution that was never fulfilled.   I nearly went insane.   

At any rate, I finally submitted a complaint to the FCC and was promptly called by a very nice and competent gentleman from the Verizon executive office.   He listened, understood and had the authority to fix the outstanding issues.   It was such a breath of fresh air and a huge relief after so many months of trauma.   You may think I’m exaggerating by using the word “trauma” but I can assure you I am not. 

At any rate, it sounds like you have given Verizon plenty of opportunities to make it right and fulfill their promises.   Please consider submitting a complaint to the FCC.   You will not only be helping yourself, but also helping the many others in your same shoes.   If the FCC gets enough complaints they will identify a pattern.  The FCC has the regulating authority to pursue action against Verizon.  

Here is a link to the complaint process - it’s super easy and quick.

Do not feel guilty for submitting a complaint - you have given Verizon the opportunity to solve the issue and they have chosen not to follow through.   Verizon is counting on people getting worn down and giving up - you will get lots of replies on here from Verizon moderators offering to help - they will sound all sympathetic and eager to help - I went down that rabbit trail many many times with zero results - they just passed me around and wasted my time.

Good luck - let us know how it turns out!