Trade in nightmare

This whole mess started when UPS lost my trade in.  I spoke to 3 different representatives who all provided me with inaccurate info but assured me that Verizon would take of the problem.  The 3rd  rep went as far as saying he would call me back on a specific day after I reached out to UPS about the missing parcel. Of course, he never did.  He also state he would document our conversation and I’d be given an extension on the return date of the trade in due to it being “misplaced” by UPS.  UPS couldn’t do a darn thing for me since it’s Verizon that set up the delivery and I could not file a claim

Out of the blue, the trade in started tracing two months later!  Verizon received it and I got an email stating that because they received it late, I was only being given a $9 credit as opposed to the $400 I signed up for.  I promptly reached out to Verizon and was then told I only received $9 because the incorrect device was sent in.  100% incorrect. 

if this doesn’t get resolved soon, bye bye Verizon. 


Re: Trade in nightmare
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